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On April 23, 2014, the United Nations education agency published a new report, Reading in the Mobile Era,  on the role of mobile devices in advancing literacy and learning in developing countries. According to the report, even in countries with high illiteracy and low physical text rates, large number of people read books and stories […]


In October of 2000, alleged Al-Qaeda terrorists led by Osama bin Laden, attacked the U.S. Navy destroyer Cole in a Yemen harbor. The attack was a suicide explosion which ultimately killed seventeen of the Cole’s crew members and wounded thirty nine, while seriously damaging the U.S. military ship. One of the suspected orchestrating terrorists, Abd […]

POST WRITTEN BY: Kee Moe Thi Han (15′) In East African Asians v. United Kingdom (PDF), thirty-five citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies and holders of United Kingdom passports, who were residents (but not citizens) of East Africa, brought suit against the United Kingdom for refusing to grant them admission under the Commonwealth Immigrants […]

Poverty remains one of the biggest challenges in our world today. Despite continuous “remarkable economic progress in emerging and developing countries” the fight against poverty continues. Factors such as conflict, climate change, health pandemics, food insecurity, and financial instability threaten development in both the developed and developing countries of our world. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon […]

Ljubljana v. Slovenia concerned an article bashing a parliamentarian who publically promoted homosexual stereotyping. The plaintiff, Ljubljana, is a Slovenian private company and the publisher of a weekly magazine called Mladina. In June of 2005 the publisher issued an article criticizing a member of the parliament for his remarks and conduct during a parliamentary debate […]

In this day and age, Al-Qaeda is a household name and many would consider it public enemy number one.  But one group with ties to Al-Qaeda has managed to operate for several years without drawing much international attention.  Boko Haram is the insurgency group many people have never heard of.  This week the group drew […]

  In the case of Bouyid v. Belgium, the applicants, Saïd Bouyid and Mohamed Bouyid, are two brothers who are Belgian nationals, rely on Articles 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment), 6 § 1 (right to a fair trial) and 13 (right to an effective remedy) of the European Convention on Human Rights in their complaint against […]

In a surprising ruling by the Supreme Court of India, Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan recognized transgender as a third gender. Despite the term “third gender” sounding somewhat pejorative, India has accorded all the rights that are guaranteed in the Indian Constitution to hijra’s, a term used to describe transgender people, transsexuals, cross-dressers, eunuchs and transvestites. Hijra’s, […]

As most of the world is aware, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 mysteriously went missing in the early hours of March 8, 2014 and has been gone without a trace ever since. Many are left baffled as to how a large aircraft, carrying 239 people, could fall off the radar and still continues to be remained […]

Many nations at this week’s United Nations population conference object to giving women the right to make their own sexual decisions, fearing that it would lead to the condonation of same-sex relationships. At the 1994 U.N. population conference in Cairo, Babatunde Osotimehin, head of the U.N. Population Fund, said gay rights became an incendiary issue […]

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